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Day 1: In which we drive to Paula's birthplace, Perryton TX

We arrive at Perryton, deep in the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle. . . kinda flat xmas1.2.jpg (29295 bytes)
If she had remained in Perryton into her teens, she would surely have been "Miss Wheatheart" xmas1.3.jpg (58275 bytes)
Opening day for "The Lord Of The Rings" in Perryton. . . notice the crowds. xmas1.4.jpg (50079 bytes)
When wheat is your thing, you have to have granaries xmas1.5.jpg (44384 bytes)
Ah, the old train depot. . . every little Texas town has one xmas1.6.jpg (41372 bytes)
Another thing every little Texas town has xmas1.7.jpg (36516 bytes)
Paula didn't attend Perryton High School. . . their loss xmas1.8.jpg (57287 bytes)

Day 2: In which we ascend a volcano and visit Trinidad, CO

Sunrise in the Oklahoma panhandle. . . kinda flat xmas2.1.jpg (28320 bytes)
A woman outstanding in any field. . . kinda flat xmas2.2.jpg (35349 bytes)
Typical Oklahoma panhandle view. . . kinda flat xmas2.3x.jpg (21992 bytes)
Northern New Mexico from the slopes of the Capulin Volcano xmas2.4.jpg (60546 bytes)
Paula liked these tufts of wild grass in the snow inside the Capulin Volcano xmas2.5.jpg (74754 bytes)
Trinidad, Colorado, on the hill overlooking the town xmas2.6.jpg (43756 bytes)
Paula eats an apple and agitates a dog, Trinidad, Colorado xmas2.7.jpg (88921 bytes)

Day 3: In which we visit two of  Paula's admirers in Albuquerque, NM

Left to right, King's brother John, Ms. Wonderful, King's cousin Doug xmas3.1.jpg (35068 bytes)

Day 4: In which we spend the night in Chaco Canyon, NM

Snow over lava, near Albuquerque, New Mexico, on our way to Chaco Canyon xmas4.1.jpg (44959 bytes)
The paved secondary road on the way to Chaco Canyon xmas4.3.jpg (27938 bytes)
The unpaved secondary road on the way to Chaco Canyon xmas4.2.jpg (37463 bytes)
Paula shows off the Chaco Culture sign xmas4.4.jpg (56971 bytes)
Paula walks toward the famous Pueblo Bonito site xmas4.5.jpg (51623 bytes)
One of the grand kivas inside Pueblo Bonito xmas4.6.jpg (45696 bytes)
Three story ruin inside Pueblo Bonito xmas4.7.jpg (47895 bytes)
Our campground at sunset, Chaco Canyon. . . 19 degrees that night xmas4.8.jpg (31706 bytes)

Day 5: In which we drive to the Grand Canyon

Sunrise. . . we survived. Breakfast was great. xmas5.1.jpg (53116 bytes)
Another view of Pueblo Bonito xmas5.2.jpg (69596 bytes)
Ship Rock, remnant of an explosive volcanic eruption that occurred around 30 million years ago in Northern New Mexico xmas5.3c.jpg (38344 bytes)
King gets his photo taken at sunset at the Grand Canyon, AZ xmas5.4.jpg (52224 bytes)

Day 6: In which we drive to Bryce Canyon, UT

Sunrise at the Grand Canyon. . . Ms. Wonderful's turn to say cheese xmas6.1.jpg (43478 bytes)
King waits in the car while Paula gawks xmas6.1a.jpg (38591 bytes)
Telephoto shot of same view xmas6.1b.jpg (40450 bytes)
Bridge over the Colorado at Marble Canyon, downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam xmas6.2.jpg (69598 bytes)

Day 7: In which we drive through Bryce & Zion and return to Marble Canyon

Eleven below zero, and we are the ONLY visitors in Bryce Canyon xmas7.01.jpg (26114 bytes)
Just to prove that we were there xmas7.02.jpg (54524 bytes)
A typical view of Bryce Canyon xmas7.02b.jpg (85648 bytes)
Some disagreement between my GPS and the posted elevation xmas7.03.jpg (78688 bytes)
Natural bridge at sunrise, Bryce Canyon xmas7.04.jpg (57908 bytes)
Paula holding our little portable heater xmas7.05.jpg (52286 bytes)
Inspiration Point, Bryce Canyon xmas7.05b.jpg (40457 bytes)
Paula on edge xmas7.06.jpg (54339 bytes)
Windows in the Zion National Park tunnel xmas7.12.jpg (58119 bytes)
Close up of one of the Zion National Park tunnel windows xmas7.13.jpg (40085 bytes)
Awesome view after awesome view, Zion National Park xmas7.14.jpg (42752 bytes)
View from the driver's window. . . you just can't stop gawking xmas7.15.jpg (48367 bytes)
Paula blends in in her Coyote fur coat xmas7.16.jpg (55704 bytes)
Really, Zion National Park is awesome xmas7.17.jpg (39714 bytes)
Just awesome xmas7.17a.jpg (55235 bytes)
Just south of Glen Canyon Dam, we look across at the Vermilion Cliffs just below Marble Canyon, AZ, where we will be spending the night xmas7.18.jpg (38619 bytes)
Paula checks out the GPS at the same spot xmas7.18b.jpg (41769 bytes)
Looking back at the previous location from our fishing lodge below the Vermilion Cliffs xmas7.18c.jpg (44246 bytes)
A beautiful evening at a fishing lodge near Marble canyon xmas7.19.jpg (43471 bytes)

Day 8: In which we decide to head for HOME

Balanced rocks near the fishing lodge xmas8.1.jpg (27963 bytes)
Paula takes a jog at dawn xmas8.2.jpg (46335 bytes)
Paula jogs below the Vermilion Cliffs xmas8.2b.jpg (59854 bytes)
Near the Grand Canyon. I don't know if the sign is meant to inform or reassure xmas8.3.jpg (57595 bytes)
Meteor Crater, AZ xmas8.4.jpg (52995 bytes)
Meteor Crater, AZ, take two xmas8.4b.jpg (42897 bytes)
Painted Desert, AZ xmas8.5.jpg (51578 bytes)

Day 9: In which we visit the VLA and King's cousin in Ruidoso, NM

The Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescopes, NM xmas9.1.jpg (46845 bytes)
VLA xmas9.2.jpg (19324 bytes)
Paula with King's Cousin, Ellen xmas9.3.jpg (54087 bytes)

Day 10: In which we arrive home after 3,500 miles

 West Texas, where you can drive on the yellow line and nobody notices xmas10.1.jpg (38296 bytes)
 Trip Meter Says: 3,500 Miles door to door xmas10.2.jpg (44693 bytes)