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Perryton City Limits

Day 1: Paula was born in Perryton, Texas, a small-to-middlin' town way up on the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle, north of Amarillo.  We had never visited there since we've been together and it was more-or-less on our way to northern New Mexico, so I decided to make that our first stop.  This being a winter trip, the days were short, so we got an early start each day to take advantage of the daylight, and stopped as early as possible to enjoy ourselves.

We had 10 days of almost perfect weather.  One overcast day, but no precipitation.  Many of these snapshots include our car, often as a measure of perspective, and most include Paula for the same reason, although I love to take her picture  I managed to get in front of the camera a couple of times.

Notice the flatness of the horizon.