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Christmas morning sunrise at Grand Canyon National Park

Day 6: Christmas morning sunrise at Grand Canyon National Park.  As was often the case, there were few other tourists to get in our way on this trip.  After listening to Christmas carols the day before, we decided on a change of pace and played Meat Loaf's "Bat Out of Hell" at high volume while driving through this spectacular scenery.  Rock and Roll, baby!  It made for an unconventional but memorable Christmas morning.

By the way, Paula is wearing my son Ryan's ski jacket, which kept her comfortably warm when she wasn't wearing my brother John's coyote fur coat (you'll see photos).  Ryan had lent *me* his jacket as I had nothing else adequately warm to wear.  We were going to buy Paula a parka at the first Walmart we came to, but when the time came she didn't want to shop or buy anything, so I let her wear Ryan's jacket.  Well, that settled that.  My sweater and wind breaker had to keep me warm for the rest of the trip.  Paula (Ms. Wonderful) can have anything she wants--she deserves it!