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Starlight Theater, Terlingua, Texas

Starlight Theater, Terlingua, Texas
The Starlight is way out in the middle of nowhere (i.e., Terlingua, Texas), and is a delightul place where you can get a good dinner and hear some live music (many well-known singers and songwriters have ventured to Terlingua to play a gig at the Starlight). There's also a very nice "trading post" (books, local crafts, historical memorabilia) next door where you can shop while waiting for your dinner reservation.

Here's a brief, but adequate description I lifted from the web:

"Expect the unexpected at the Starlight Theater in Terlingua’s Ghost Town.

Sit back and enjoy one of the premier crossroad settings along the U.S. border, with the feel of a 19th century border saloon and a casual style European restaurant.

It’s a must-stop for tourists, upscale motorcycle riders and locals (they’re the ones with the sun baked, blasé demeanor). The mix of styles can sometimes resemble the famous bar scene from Star Wars – that’s the fun of the place.

The live music, usually provided by area singer-musicians, is top notch. If you’re lucky, one of the local theater groups may have a production underway. You could be treated to Shakespeare or an old-fashion radio drama with a contemporary story line.

By the time you walk out into the real starlight, you’ll know why The Starlight Theater and the Ghost Town – two of the best names and spots in the area – are here. The Wild West was always a mix of adventure and a craving for comfort. "