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Woytek Lowski
Woytek Lowski, 1974 (d. 1995)
The Boston Ballet Company

Triple tours. Beautiful dancer. Nice guy, too. Need I say more? Requiescat in pace, Woytek.

Jonathan Still, Woytek's one-time accompanist and collaborator, wrote me:

"I think [your photo of Woytek] used to be hanging in English National Ballet's green room. I knew Woytek very well from about 1987 up until when he died, and as you rightly guessed, I played for him. For years I found myself telling others about people like Woytek and the others in my 'Advent calendar' of dance inspirations, who were hugely influential in making the dance world what it is, yet have little or no 'presence' on the web. It troubles me when I get this feeling from students that if people don't turn up on Google, they didn't exist, or had no contribution to make, so this is my way of tilting the balance."

Well-said, Jonathan.

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