Pose/Repose: The Dance Photographs
of King Douglas
Eleanor Bernard Carney, Deedee Weathers, Lorenzo Monreal
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That dance should look effortless seems to be a universal ideal.  The extreme effort  and years of relentless practice required to meet this ideal are accepted as the price that must be paid.  These photographs,  taken in class, rehearsal, and performance, represent my attempt to capture the elusive transformation of muscle, bone, and sweat into what is sometimes an intimate and moving experience for dancer and audience alike.

These photographs are not dominated by famous dancers, although photographs of Rudolph Nureyev, Peter Martins, Suzanne Farrell, and other well-known dancers are included.  My goal has been to capitalize on beauty and talent whenever and wherever it has been available to me. Many of the dancers in the photographs are my friends, and the work you see was a kind of partnership between us to create beautiful images that would do justice to their talent and artistry.

The photographs on this site were on display at an exhibition entitled "Pose/Repose: The Dance Photographs of King Douglas" at the Hughes-Trigg Gallery at Southern Methodist University in 1990.  

The Dallas Morning News gave the exhibition the cover The Arts section.

King Douglas

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