Our 2002 winter holiday was spent in Canada's beautiful and spectacular Banff National Park. We enjoyed a white Christmas while staying at Buffalo Mountain Lodge.

A Narrow Boat Journey in Wales, U.K.

This is a sketchy journal accompanied by many photographs of our (King's & Paula's) trip to the northeast border region of Wales and our journey aboard the narrowboat Cheryl for a week in early April 2003.
National Parks of the U.S. Southwest
"Friendly Indians Behind Us: King and Paula's 2001 Winter Road Trip."

We hit the road shortly before Christmas, with the goal of visiting many state and national parks in the U.S. southwest. We accomplished our goal, although we cut the trip short by a few days.

Here you'll find our travelogue and (among others) photos of
  Capulin Volcano
  Chaco Canyon (where we camped out)
  Grand Canyon National Park
  Bryce Canyon Natrional Park
  Zion National Park
  Meteor Crater, AZ
  The Painted Desert
  The Very Large Array (radio telescopes)  
St. Bartholomew Church, Horley, England (Gatwick Airport)

In April 2003, we spent the night at a bed and breakfast in Horley, near Gatwick Airport Airport (London).   Walking to a nearby restaurant, we were advised to cut through the 14th century Church of St. Bartholmew, which meant cutting through the cemetary, which I found to be moody and atmospheric in the fading light. At the end of the path, Ye Olde Six Bells seemed to beckon us, warm and inviting by contrast. We had a lovely dinner after which we had an even more moody and atmospheric walk back to our room.
Munich & Schwabisch Hall, July 2006

Here are a variety of snapshots taken during my drive from the Frankfurt Airport, along the Neckar River valley, via Besigheim to Schwabisch Hall, where I spent the night, and general impressions of the small part of Munich that had the privilege and the time to see.
Montral, Quebec, Canada and
Cirque du Soleil Headquarters

Here are some photos that my good friend Willie Baronet and I took during a weekend trip to the lovely city of Montreal, Quebec, at the end of September 2003. Willie is the principal of GroupBaronet, an excellent advertising agency in Dallas, Texas.

We had the good fortune of being in Montreal during the annual Cirque du Soleil open house, which was great fun

Pamplona and Madrid, Spain
September 2005

I missed the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona by a few weeks, but that’s for the best, it seems. Without going into the unpleasant details, let me just say that Marta García-Granero despises the Running of the Bulls. Marta is a respected biostatistician and SPSS expert—whom I interviewed as part of a large project. Here are some photos I took in Pamplona and Madrid when I wasn't interviewing and photographing Marta.


We've made over half a dozen trips to Buenos Aires. We like to go during the stifling Texas summer when it is winter south of the equator. We like it there. You will find here numerous sections and many pages of Buenos Aires photographs.
Novodevichy Convent Cemetery, Moscow

Here are photos of 24 of the memorials and funerary sculptures at the remarkable Novodevichy Convent Cemetery in Moscow, Russia. Many of Russia's most famous and infamous citizens are buried here. Here you'll find memorials to Khruschev, Gromyko, Ulanova, Prokofief, Shostakovitch and others.

Our dear friend, Diane Weatherford, gave us a snowglobe as a Christmas gift just before we left on our 2003 trip to Big Bend National Park, Texas. We decided to take it with us to help us document our the manner of the remarkable book, "The Red Couch"* or the more prosaic, and more recent, "Traveling Gnome" Travelocity TV commercials.