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In the summer of 2005, I had the opportunity to travel to a number of cities to interview and photograph various colleagues as part of a presentation at the 2005 SPSS Directions Users Conference. Here is a selection of photos from Pamplona and Madrid, including a few of Marta García-Granero, the colleague who was my gracious host and the motivation for my journey to Pamplona.

I had hoped to be able to extend my visit to Spain for a week's vacation with my wife. The entire vacation itinerary was planned, hotel reservations made, but when the time came for the trip, weather and other events conspired to keep my wife from joining me. Our original itinerary was Dallas-Miami-Madrid on American Airlines (I work for American Airlines), then drive to Pamplona. However, hurricane Rita was churning up the Gulf of Mexico and flights from Miami to Madrid, usually very full, were overbooked. I ended up flying to Madrid on Iberia Airlines out of Chicago. I'm hoping that we will get a chance to vacation in beautiful Spain around Christmas of this year, 2006.

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