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Maybe this is just a "you had to be there" moment, but it changed my view of dance photography. Before this moment, I was as caught up as any dancer in line and technique--but this was a moment of sheer expressiveness, rehearsed here, put performanced with great intensity and empathy by my friends Anamarie Sarizin and Elaine Bauer. Here is a shot of these two artists performing a different moment from this scene from Agenes DeMille's "Fall River Legend" with the Boston Ballet Company around 1974.

This moment has a "pieta-like quality, that I recognized to be similar in feeling to a photo I had taken a couple of years below of the great dance Clive Thompson performing Alvin Ailey's "Hermit Songs."

Both of those images reminded me, in turn, of Rudolf Koppitz's 1926 Study of Movement, which, together inspired me to create this image in 1990.

The image above was the starting point of my show, "Pose/Repose: The Dance Photographs of King Douglas