A Narrowboat Journey in Wales
April 2003
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Wrexham station

Wrexham Station.

Transportation logistics—getting there: Fly from Dallas to Chicago, then on to Manchester, England. Rent a car at the airport and take a lovely 2-day drive around northeast Wales. On the day we begin the boat trip, first drop our luggage off at Chirk Marina, then return the car to Wrexham, the closest town to Chirk that has an Avis rental office. Take the train from Wrexham back to Chirk. Walk into town. Take a taxi to Chirk Marina to board our rental narrowboat.

Transportation logistics—going home: Return the boat to Chirk Marina. Take a taxi to Chirk Station. Take the train to Wrexham. Take a taxi to the Avis car rental. Drive back to Chirk to pick up our luggage. Drive to a bed and breakfast near London Gatwick Airport. Fly directly home to Dallas the next day.


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