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My trip to Moscow in June 2006 was prompted by a suggestion from my friend Raynald Levesque. I was working on a large project to interview and photograph other experts in my field around the world and Ray knew of a young Russian savant who, he thought, would be an excellent candidate for my project.

I would not have much time in Moscow for sightseeing, spending just two nights there (at the now defunct Rossiya Hotel) with most of my time and energy devoted to the interview with Kirill Orlov, my subject and the reason for my trip. Other than observing my surroundings, wherever we happened to be, I visited only one place that I knew in advance that I wanted to see--the Novodevichy Cemetery, where lie the remains of famous and infamous Russians. This section of my website is devoted to casual snapshots I took to document my trip.

01-Apartments-NY 02-New-LHR-Terminal 03-LHR-Breakfast 04-LHR-Tails
01-Apartments-NY.jpg 02-New-LHR-Terminal.jpg 03-LHR-Breakfast.jpg 04-LHR-Tails.jpg
05-England-Country-Manor 06-England-Village-01 07-Russian-Village-01 08-Secluded-Village-01
05-England-Country-Manor.jpg 06-England-Village-01.jpg 07-Russian-Village-01.jpg 08-Secluded-Village-01.jpg
09-Moscow-Apartments 10-First-Mark-Russian-Soil 11-Domodedovo-Signage 12-DomodedovoStation-3
09-Moscow-Apartments.jpg 10-First-Mark-Russian-Soil.jpg 11-Domodedovo-Signage.jpg 12-DomodedovoStation-3.jpg