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April 1, 2008
April Fool's Day...probably as good a day as any to update this desultory journal, which has been offline for the past 25 months while I've worked on my Photoshop, web and digital imaging skills (and went on a personal quest).

During that time, I contributed over 100 photographs to WeeklyShot, a remarkable, invitation-only photo-meme (theme-driven online photography group) that saw its demise in January 2008. WeeklyShot was the impetus for much learning on my part about digital photography and digital imaging in general (as opposed to traditional images employing film and paper), and I worked hard at it.

Just last week, I decided to join another online photography group, OnExposure is open to all, but is tightly regulated in regard to the technical and artistic quality of the published images. One can argue about such regulation, but judge for yourself whether it has been successful so far.

At the left is my first submission to OnExposure. I took his photograph in 1973, but have always been disappointed in some of its imperfections. Last week, I gave it another pass through Photoshop to smooth out some its rougher edges.

Today is my sweet mother-in-laws birthday. She has been visiting us for the past few weeks. She lives in a very small town about 50 miles north of Los Angeles, California. Happy Birthday, Sue!

Top left: Sue browse family photos

Bottom left: Sue reads with her daughter (my wife Paula, in the foreground).

This is the 10th Page of the Journal
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