My first love...other than that little red-haired girl in kindergarden...was photography. I was fascinated by images in books and magazines and by my mother's collection of old film cameras. Despite my love of photography, I made few attempts at capturing images myself until I was in my mid-twenties when I jumped in with the intensity and enthusiasm shared by all those with a passion for their art.

My efforts led to a career as an advertising photographer before I went back to school to seek a graduate degree. Now photography is a deeply fulfilling hobby. Digital photography, Photoshop and the World Wide Web have given me new tools and new venues for sharing my interest.

Life, if one is paying attention, provides many opportunities for exploring the world, testing one's limits and deciding one's likes and dislikes. My own particular path began with an athletic youth, then moved to aesthetic pursuits before settling down to complete my formal education.

Today I'm a statistician, research analyst and webmaster in the Customer Research Department of American Airlines. My job allows me a fair degree of autonomy and many opportunities for travel, as you will notice if you browse this site.

I have a consulting business specializing in survey research, statistics and SPSS programming (SPSS is a statistics and data-management application). You can read my resume here.

Although I am no longer a professional photographer, I still enjoy photography and my growing skill in Photoshop has been very handy in building websites. I'm available for consultation in both photography and website design.